greenhouse gas emissions

Washington makes another run at heat pump rules

BY: - November 28, 2023

Controversial requirements aimed at getting electric heat pumps installed in newly constructed houses, apartments and commercial buildings cleared a final regulatory hurdle Tuesday. The suite of changes, approved by the Washington State Building Code Council, is part of a broader effort by the state to slash carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency in residential and […]

Washington fine-tunes its options for boosting electric vehicle sales

BY: - October 25, 2023

Susan Baird-Joshi spent many hours the last few months helping draw up Washington’s ambitious plan for rapidly electrifying cars and trucks in the state. As a member of the Electric Vehicle Advisory Council, the data scientist weighed in on dozens of ideas considered in drafting the long-term strategy to accelerate purchases of battery-powered vehicles – […]

A new roadmap to speed the spread of electric vehicles in Washington state

BY: - October 2, 2023

When it comes to meeting Washington’s ambitious electric vehicle goals, bolder cash incentives and charging outlets in thousands more locations are needed now.  Rules pushing drivers to forgo cars and trucks that run on gas for ones powered by batteries are needed soon. And an aggressive outreach and education campaign must be sustained if the […]

Out of the smokestack, into the state budget

BY: - September 6, 2023

SEATTLE – As millions more in state revenue rolls in from Washington’s marquee policy to combat climate change, discussions are heating up over what to do with the windfall. The cap-and-trade program has brought in $1.3 billion so far. At this pace, the state will have a billion more than expected by next year. On […]

Extra cap-and-trade auction may net $62M for Washington

BY: - August 16, 2023

A special auction of pollution allowances on Aug. 9 likely generated $62.5 million for Washington, revenue that the state can funnel into programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. During the three-hour bidding window, all 1,054,000 allowances offered were sold at preset prices, the state Department of Ecology reported Wednesday. Two batches […]

Judge sides with youth in Montana climate change trial, finds two laws unconstitutional

BY: - August 14, 2023

The State of Montana’s failure to consider greenhouse gas emissions from energy and mining projects violates the state constitution because it does not protect Montanans’ right to a clean and healthful environment and the state’s natural resources from unreasonable depletion, a judge ruled Monday in a victory for 16 youth plaintiffs who sued the state. […]