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Indigenous people in WA incarcerated at higher rates than any other group, data show

BY: - October 17, 2023

Washington in recent years imprisoned Indigenous people at more than six times the rate of white people.  That’s according to U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics data that the Prison Policy Initiative assembled and released last month. The 2021 figures posted by the advocacy group are the most recent information available.  Native peoples make up about […]

Maternal mortality rates rise in WA, especially for Indigenous communities

BY: - July 6, 2023

Maternal death rates climbed in Washington over the last two decades, with Indigenous communities seeing disproportionately high increases.  That’s according to new research published this week. The nationwide study, released by the University of Washington, found a 71.2% increase in the state’s maternal mortality for the American Indian and Alaska Native population when comparing 1999-2009 […]