Public Records Act

Long-snubbed by Washington lawmakers, sunshine panel not ready to surrender

BY: - October 17, 2023

Those advising state lawmakers on ways to ensure Washington’s government operates transparently have grown pretty frustrated with the lack of interest in their advice. It reached the point earlier this year when the Public Records Exemptions Accountability Committee considered asking lawmakers to disband the advisory panel, concerned it had become, in one member’s words, a […]

Three voters are seen filling out ballots in Vancouver, Washington, during the 2020 election.

Law would redirect surging public requests for election records

BY: - May 9, 2023

Following the 2020 elections, county auditors around the state saw public requests for election records spike, a trend driven at least in part by individuals and groups pushing disproven claims of widespread fraud at the polls. Auditors say fulfilling the requests posed a time-consuming lift for their thinly staffed offices. In the meantime, they’ve also […]