Puget Sound

Northwest sinks millions into derelict vessel removal on region’s waterways

BY: - October 24, 2023

Powerful mechanical shears that resemble a giant lobster claw are tearing into a doomed commercial fishing ship this week as the state of Oregon launches a new push to remove several hundred derelict and hazardous vessels that litter the state’s waterways. At the same time, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources is quickening its […]

Centuries-old discriminatory policies cast long shadow on Puget Sound region

BY: - July 8, 2023

Discriminatory policies that shaped the Puget Sound region can be traced back centuries and have left a lasting imprint, affecting where people live, how healthy they are, the wealth they have to hand down to their children and a range of other outcomes. A new report from a regional planning agency attempts to chronicle these […]