Washington state courts

Judge upholds Washington’s $17B transportation package

BY: - September 22, 2023

An effort to derail a sweeping state transportation package failed Friday, with a Thurston County judge upholding the law.  But opponents hinted that the legal fight may not be over. They’d sued asserting the legislation contains multiple unrelated topics in violation of a state constitutional requirement that bills cover no more than one subject.  Thurston […]

Low-income domestic violence survivors face uphill battle in obtaining court-ordered protections

BY: - July 5, 2023

This article is the third in a three-part series from InvestigateWest. If you are in a domestic violence situation, get connected with advocates and resources through the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence at https://wscadv.org/.  Nique showed up to her first court hearing in King County alone. Homeless and without an attorney or victim advocate […]

Why many judges in WA won’t order abusers to turn in guns

BY: - July 4, 2023

This article is the second in a three-part series from InvestigateWest. In June 2019, a woman lay on the floor of a trailer home in Kitsap County, struggling to breathe after her boyfriend, Dwayne Allen Flannery, allegedly beat and choked her. After a neighbor called the police, Flannery was charged with second-degree assault. The county’s […]

In eastern WA, victims seeking protection avoid a judge accused of domestic violence himself

BY: - July 3, 2023

This article is the first in a three-part series from InvestigateWest. In 2021, Marie worried that her son was unsafe at her ex-husband’s home. She went into the county courthouse in Pasco, Washington, and filed a restraining order, thinking she had a good case: There was audio of an alleged assault of her 16-year-old son, […]